My Turbo Mustang

Bad Wolf


In 2006 I purchased this 2006 Pony Package Mustang. At the time I owned a 2002 V6 and 3 SVO Mustangs - an 84, 85.5 and 86. If you do not know what an SVO mustang is you can read up on them 'here'. I lost most of the pictures due to a crash a number of years ago and haven't dug out my backup since before moving to CA. Now that I'm in Florida and don't ever plan on leaving, I'll eventually find the CD as I unpack and organize and add some pictures.

There is something about the sound of a turbo car that is intoxicating, addicting really. I already knew the direction I was headed with the Mustang the day I ordered it, and in mid 2006 I drove the car to Rockford Illinois to have a friend and fabricator assist me with Turbocharging the car. 

We designed the layout together building on his experience with fabrication and my experience with the SVO. I knew heat could be an issue so I wanted the turbo as far out of the engine bay as possible without it being too far away from the source of it's power; the heads. Velocity matters if you want instant power with little to no lag.

We opted with front mounting, since there just wasn't room in or behind the CAT area, but also to mount it low; as far out of the engine bad as possible. It's mounted to the front of the engine on the passenger side just in front and above the steering rack. While Lee worked on all the fab and welding of the hot side, I wired in the TruBoost, Wideband, and designed the cold side piping to work around a 15X24X3 inch DSM FMIC.

Within 6 days the kit was fabricated and installed in the car and I carefully drove it back to New York, untuned. I tuned the car myself once back in NY - swapping out the injectors for 60s and working with SCT to create a reasonable baseline. I got the car into the high 12s this way, but my timing was very conservative and I just didn't have the nerve or experience to tune it on the street further than that. 

In 2009 I went to Jennetty racing in Connecticut and have my first dynotune. The car put down about 386 HP and 476 lbs feet of torque @ 10-11 PSI, still with timing only set to about 12-13 past 4K RPMs.

I managed mid to low 12s in the 114 MPH range, but my 60s were bad, as I was still running drag radials. In August of 09, I blew up the T5 transmission. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did given the abuse I was throwing at it.

I had the car towed from the track to Ford in Poughkeepsie where I already had a T5 and adapter kit waiting to go into the car. While it was there I had Nissan 909 valve springs installed to mitigate potential valve float past 4500 RPM - since I planned to hike up the boost.

Early in 2010 I had the car re-tuned at Jenetty, as I really wasn't happy with driveability. It was better at the end of the day, and put down a little more power - but there was room for improvement. However it was enough to score me the title of V6 Top Dog at the 2010 4th Annual Buckeye Brawl, laying down a 12.21 @ 117 Miles per hour. The ET was not a good reflection of what this car could do, as it was trapping anywhere from 117 to 121 MPH, but just would not dip into the 11s. 

That brings us to 2011, the last year I ran the car. I had purchased a 2011 V6 which was slated for parts development and was focused on getting that car ready for the Brawl, as I planned to take them both. A friend and fellow Collective member offered to drive that car and I drove the Wolf. This bit me in the ass, as about three days before the brawl I took said friend out for a quick run in the Wolf and discovered the damn clutch was slipping. There was no time to fix this now, and things only got worse.

On the way to the Brawl, about 2 hours into the trip, I was rear ended. There was no damage, but this was just the beginning of the bad omens. A few hours larter my shifer handle separated from the base; a design flaw in the prototype MGW I run to this day; of course now with a redesinged shifter rod. ... and the third of three - we stopped at our usual restaurant meet up spot in PA, about the halfway point to Thompson Raceway Park. When parking I drove the car off about a 5 inch drop from the road to the lot. Not good when you are running K springs. Things seemed okay - I let the car run for a few minutes after and didn't 'hear' anything out of the ordinary. However, when we left I could feel it was down on power. In the end I discovered I had broken a manifold bold on the driver side when the exhaust connects to the manifold.

Even with the troubles, a brewing storm, and a messed up clock tower thanks to lightning, I still managed to pull off an unofficial best, running 11.94 @ 113+ MPH. No accurate slip, since it showed 8.60 @ 113, but we had a professional videographer that year and he indexed the video of the run for me.

So that brings us to today; May of 2018 - over 6 years later.

After years of sitting, the Bad Wolf and I are reunited. I'm in the process of making minor repairs and restoration and in a week or so the car will go into a local speed shop; Rods Customs, for some needed exhaust, turbo and suspension work.

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