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04/15/19 - I have almost a year of updates to add to the site and I will get to it eventually. I only just put it back on the web today. A lot of bad shit went down with the shop I used and I ended up having to redo all of the work; on jackstands which me and my old bones were trying to avoid.

Here are a few recent pics to tide you over...

05/12/18 - The Wolf is back! ...almost - Latest videos uploaded to youtube.

To-do list: (I'll remove these as they are completed)

Turbo position adjustment: When the exhaust was modified in 2011, it altered the angle of the turbo just enough that it's prone to pushing oil past the seals under boost. I also want a better mounting bracket - fabbed with either beefy aluminum or stainless steel so the turbo position cannot possibly be altered.

Scavenge pump: The Turbowerks standard is just not enough to handle removal as well as I'd like, so it's also on the way out; replacing with a Trubowerks Exa.

Exhaust: Replacing the shit glass packs with 2013/14 GT Roush cat back.

Electrical: Water/Meth test and repair if necessary and relocation of the dash LED so I can see the damn thing. Installer put it where they could see it, and that happens to be right behind the steering wheel when I sit in the car. lol

Tune: Since moving away from the amazing base tune I got from SCT themselves, I car has never had good idle and drive characteristics - likely do to laziness of the tuners to sort out why the car has an idle dive and why their base tune seems to affect/disable off throttle engine breaking.


So I've been getting a car adjacent mod done lately...

Garage pad poured. :o) - Building will be a 24x24 with 12ft ceiling and high lift doors. yay!



Some of this is just a rehash of the first few new videos, but I've been a little behind getting this site recreated due to long work hours and settling in to my new home in Florida.

If you read the history page you'll know that the Wolf was pretty much taken out of commission in 2012 and shortly after stored in NY for the better part of 6 years while I was living in California.

Now that I'm reunited with the car I'm in the process of getting her back into race shape, and thanks to Florida's more 'true liberal' stance on personal freedom when it comes to cars, I'm refreshing the Wolf's appearance since I can drive it on the street; just the lights, since the tint was shot and I never could get HIDs to work.


I've replaced the taillights with smoked lenses, sequential lighting and an LED third break light. Replaced the headlight bulbs with LEDs from; which were a fraction of the cost compared to 'kits' sold by even eBay - never mind AM, Jegs, Summit or any of the other well-known shops. I still have to do the fogs - procrastinating since they are a pita to get to.


Fixed a wiring issue and vacuum leak.

The wiring didn't turn out all that bad, just one connection under the dash that needed to be soldered, heatshrinked and loomed everthing back up and zip tied it in place - properly.

The vacuum leak on the other hand was a pita. The host that went from the gage to the main line under the hood was the only non-gates hose I had run and it was dry-cracked throughout. I had originally routed it through the door channel but this time did it properly, running it through the firewall and routing it more carefully away from heat sources.

While I had the battery box out I also reran some of the 12 volt feeds in that area further away from heat sources and loomed them up with heat resistant braided fiberglass.

Newest to Oldest:

10 inch rim test fit after SwayBar Relocation bracket install: Personally I like the Pulsars (see title pic) better on the Wolf so they go on as soon as I get the rest of my stuff from NY.

Light Replacement